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Dec 3
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Audiobooks Agreement

Fewer and fewer audiobooks are being published on paper, for example. B CDs. If you want your audiobook to be available on CD, you must either obtain a license for a company that is still published in this format, or you must find a manufacturer for CDs and CD coverage. You may also need an ISBN. To find CD and cover manufacturers, use a search engine or, if you see a type of packaging you like on an audiobook, contact the publisher to ask who made it. They will probably share this information with you. To buy an ISBN, go to For a first option, the money paid is usually applicable to the purchase price. The money, if any, paid for an extension or extension of the option, is generally not applicable to the purchase price. For example, if the manufacturer pays $5,000 for an initial 12-month option period, that money will be charged to the purchase price if the option agreement states that it is applicable, which means that it serves as a down payment. If the purchase price of these film rights is $50,000, if the producer gets his option and acquires the rights, they only have $45,000 left. But if you extend the option first and the second option includes another tax, this tax is generally not deducted from the purchase price.

Your agent or lawyer should try to make sure that the contract clarifies this point. Some handshake agreements can also be applied, but I do not recommend them. That`s when you`re in . . . [Learn more about why you were looking at Jessica Kaye`s audiobook publication guide yourself.] The information contained in this article is primarily intended for self-published authors, but the principles of copyright ownership of an audiobook are the same for traditionally published authors. The difference is that a traditional publishing house, if it has secured the rights to audiobooks in its publication agreement with you, is responsible for managing the sound recording rights to ensure that the creation of the audiobook from your underlying work is consistent with the terms of the agreement. Nice contribution, Deborah.

I`ve released two audiobooks (ACX Exclusive) and I`m sorry. I did not know that the agreement would exclude me from libraries. I am writing an article about audiobooks for my local RWA chapter. I intend to bind you and credit you. In addition, BookBub adds audiobooks and for now they only receive them from CHIRP via Findaway. Don`t forget to get cover art licenses. Downloadable audiobooks always have a “cover,” usually a miniature JPEG that represents the jacket. See examples of a downloadable audio site. I have already published several audiobooks and wondered what the impact of the 7-year contract would be on me when it expires. The first of my projects is based on the Royalty Share, and I wanted to know if this should continue after 7 years? A contract may include both an option and a sales contract, otherwise you will have to renegotiate if the manufacturer wishes to exercise its option (buy the rights).

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