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Corporate Branding: Keeping It Simple Makes Sense

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Every business these days is looking for the next big thing when it comes to innovating their brand and they fail to look back to the basics of things.  Corporate branding is in the rage and to build a brand that’s easy to understand, you have to keep your concept:  SIMPLE.

Taking a look at a savvy marketing stint made by Absolut Vodka in May 2009, by daring to market a limited edition of naked vodka, minus the name and the logo, we learned that what matters is the inside and not the outside with their “Absolut No Label” line.  It was fun.  But, many businesses today fail to strike a charm with its audience like Absolut Vodka did simply because they offer too much of a good thing in a saturated capitalist world.

Brand Authenticity:  An Impossible Dream?

The benchmark of any successful brands these days all come down to authenticity.  If you keep it real , honest and simple, you will get trust from new and loyal customers.  In the words of a wise man, you have to practice what you preach.  Allen Adamon’s book called BrandSimple pointed out how brands don’t need to be complicated these days.  From Nike, Starbucks to Apple – it’s all about running their business around strong brand values that gave them big bucks to success.

Your Brand:  The Concept Vs The Product

Your brand is not just the idea behind a name, but it is also the product and message that you sell.  You communicate your brand through the power of the five senses, namely visual (sight), auditory (sound), kinesthetic (touch), olfactory (smell), and gustatory (taste).  So, how can you make your brand simple and yet, powerful enough to strike an intense emotion that will lead to customer loyalty?  It only takes five answers to these:

1.  What message do you want people to get from your brand?

2.  Who are the target market for your brand?

3.  How will you address people’s feedback about your brand?

4.  What will you share so people can spread the word about your brand?

5.  Who are your brand advocates?

Did you know that everyone is an emotional buyer? Take your cue from this and keep the message simple.  Once your customers are emotionally attached to your brand, they will be like steel pins to a magnet.

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  1. Prime Outsourcing October 4, 2012 at 3:43 pm August 9th, 2010 10:30 AM

     According to the old adage, “Simplicity is beauty”. You can never go wrong with the basic designs and concept. In a world wherein there’s a lot of competition out there, everyone wants to be different resulting to having an overrated idea in the product. So there’s really uniqueness with being simple.

    Thanks for posting this.

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