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Dec 19
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Tripartite Agreement Singapore

SNEF has worked closely with our tripartite partners to help employers adopt good employment practices. Tripartite Standards is a new tripartite initiative that helps organizations with good practices emerge. They complement our laws, policies and three-way recommendations to increase acceptance of fair and progressive work practices in Singapore. The tripartite partners jointly developed a series of tripartite guidelines for the employment of contract workers, published on 20 June 2016. Although the majority of active residents have remained employed in permanent positions, contract workers make up a small but important part of our staff. While the development of human capital is essential to a country`s growth and competitiveness, it is another crucial factor that ensures and inserts better jobs, better wages, better careers and talent engagement. The Human Capital Partnership (HCP) programme was launched in 2016 to strengthen the implementation of fair employment practices in Singapore. HCP is a tripartite initiative to reach a stronger core of Singapore, comprising collaborators of different backgrounds and ages; Local and foreign workers who complement each other, as well as proactive exchanges of professional knowledge, from foreign professionals to indigenous peoples, to highly skilled local workers. Under the HCP, participating companies can share best practices at network meetings and are recognized as employers of choice. Singapore is one of Asia`s leading economic powers, with a diverse workforce in terms of ethnicity, religion, age and gender. As a defined benefit company, Singapore`s employment needs fair and performance-oriented employment practices. Founded by tripartite partners, namely national Trades Union Congress (NTUC), Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), tripartite guidelines for fair employment practices (TAFEP) and recommendations are competitive advantages for employment in Singapore, which provides framework conditions, benchmarks and recommendations to employers.

Each of them was approved and issued by the tripartite partners. The three standards, as their name suggests, relate to a new tripartite initiative to promote fair and progressive working practices in Singapore. Each tripartite standard contains a number of employment practices applicable in a given area of employment and bridges the gap between labour law and tripartite guidelines and tripartite advisors. While the adoption of tripartite standards is voluntary, Singaporean employers who have chosen to adopt them will be able to stand out as employers of choice and consolidate their position and strength to attract and retain talent. Job seekers and workers can identify these employers and the specific progressive employment practices they have put in place. Looking for other models, tools and articles on employment practices? Start by respecting labour laws and complying with tripartite guidelines. Find out how you can be an advanced employer by adopting all three standards and trying to become a Human Capital partner. Among the fundamental principles of fair employment practices, as set out in the Tripartite Fair Employment Guidelines (TAFEP), are: if you have not yet implemented these practices, TAFEP offers free tripartite clinics that will help you implement these practices so that you are “ready to adopt.” Each tripartite standard includes a series of verifiable and applicable employment practices in different areas of operation, such as .B.

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