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Dec 20
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What Is The Pricing Agreement

(c) all data on unfenced costs or prices provided in support of price negotiations, up to the amount of the post office`s claim against the initial fixing of the price of the same contract or the same change order (but must not fall into the same cost categories as materials, direct work or indirect costs). 5. If a supplier and a subcontractor have provided cost or price data, the Post Office has the right to reduce the price of the main contract, in accordance with the clauses of item 5.1.2.h, if it has been significantly increased because a subcontractor has transmitted incorrect data. This right applies regardless of whether the data provides cost estimates or sustained firm agreements between subcontractors and the supplier. (6) When an audit reveals incorrect information about subcontractors` costs or prices, the information necessary to reduce the prices of premium contracts and subcontractors can only be available within the post office. To the extent necessary to ensure a first-rate price reduction of the contract, the contractor should make this information available to the supplier or an appropriate subcontractor upon request. If the publication of the information compromises the security of the postal service or reveals trade secrets or confidential business information, the contract agent can only disclose it under conditions that protect them from inappropriate disclosure. The information provided should be limited to information that will serve as the basis for the reduction of the price of the main contract. In order to allow the supplier to take corrective action, the supplier should inform the supplier in advance before deciding to reduce the price of the main contract. 2.

If, after the award, it is found that the cost or price data at the time of the final agreement is inaccurate, incomplete or incomplete, the Post Is entitled to a price adjustment, including profits or fees, for a significant amount that has increased the price due to incorrect data. This is guaranteed by the clauses of 5.1.2.h. In order to achieve a price adjustment, the purchasing team must take into account: 4. One or more of the following pricing techniques may be used: 2. Allow the subject to enter through a unilateral APA if the Russian and foreign tax authorities do not reach a mutual agreement after reviewing a draft APP. b) assessing the impact of the supplier`s current practices on future costs. In this evaluation, the purchasing team must ensure that the effects of past inefficient or non-economic practices are not projected into the future. With regard to the production of new and complex aircraft prices, the purchasing team should conduct an analysis of trends in basic work and materials, even in times of relative price stability. Price agreements store item fees and order information within purchasing groups.

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