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Dec 22
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Yukon Devolution Transfer Agreement

8.79 Decentralization to the Yukon consisted of two main phases. The first was the negotiation of the areas to be transferred; the second was implementation, including the development of transfer arrangements. Our audit focused on the implementation phase and only on the federal side of that process. We decided to do it for two reasons. First, this decentralization was a historic event that marked an important milestone in the formation of nations. Second, the department is involved in a similar process in the Northwest Territories. The Department can apply all the lessons learned from this review to the decentralization of the Northwest Territories. These clauses, in particular clauses 45 and 48, are the key to the decentralisation initiative. 8.16 Managing the transfer of powers to the Yukon government is important, as the federal government is doing a similar exercise in the NWT. It is important that the federal government learn from the Yukon exercise and apply this knowledge to devolution in the other two territories.

Implementation of land use contracts is also important. This is the next step after the payment of land rights in creating new relationships with northern Aboriginal people. 8.34 The steps required to achieve many objectives are relatively simple. A payment plan is established to achieve, for example, the financial compensation objective; this timetable has achieved the goal. In order to achieve the objective of ensuring the right to participate in decision-making on the use, management and conservation of resources, the government has provided for the creation of public administration institutions. Federally funded institutions have boards of directors that include the representation of parties to land agreements. The goal will be achieved through the creation and continued support of these institutions. Bill C-39 marks an important development in Yukon`s legislative development and the transfer of federal responsibility to the Yukon. 8.61 In the results of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Secretariat for Canadians: A management framework for the Government of Canada recommends that the federal government manage results, not just through activities.

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